Thursday, November 1, 2007

Charge My Carbon Credit

With all the people that are in debt because of credit cards, I don't think we need another "credit" to intice spending by Americans. Granted, this "carbon credit" is a different type of credit, but still, you're spending money on something that does not exist in hopes of countering global warming. Instead of buying more credit, why not take that money and get out of debt.

Now, I'm all for saving the planet. Well, at least being good stewards of what God has set us in charge of. I don't think we can actually save the planet, because there are too many forces bigger than us to contend with. And given our track record of trying to fix things, I think we'd only make it worse. I think "carbon credits" are right up that alley of making things worse.

How in the world is purchasing "carbon credits" going to save the planet? Let's see, a company purchases carbon credits to "offset" their carbon emission. This money then goes to "evironmental education (indoctrination)" or planting more trees. However, nothing is actually done about the output of CO2 by the company. So, even though more trees are being planted the amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere remains the same, if not more. It seems best to me that the money spent on carbon credits could have been spent to upgrade the machinery at the company in order to produce less emissions.

Why not put the money into something that is actually going to benefit the company and the world? So, save your money and spend it wisely, which is not in carbon credits.